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Free File Hosting with FileDropper

There are some very large files that are not web pages. These are referred to as static content and they need online storage services. A free file hosting service is an internet hosting service or an online media center that allows FTP and web access to this static content or large files. The files can be in any format or size and can be stored here easily. There are many websites that offer free file hosting storage of these files.

These sites provide you with a quick and easy way to upload files. The files can be securely uploaded and distributed or accessed from any part of the world. Amongst the top file hosting sites is one of the most popular sites. was originally created as an alternative to the other popular file sharing programs available on the web. offers a full 7 day trial which enables you to get a good sense of what you get when you become a paid member. During this trial, you do not have to wait for irritating countdown timers for uploading or downloading of your files. You can upload and download files of up to 5 GB at any one time. It’s hardly surprising that the service has a rating of between 4 and 5 from all those who have reviewed it.

The reasons for users to have an account with this site or use this site for file hosting are varied. The speed of uploading or downloading is quite fast when compared to some of the other sites available. Even for dial-up connections, the speed provided by this site is quite fast. You can randomly upload or download 5GB in next to no time. You can also store your 5GB file safely online being an account holder with this site. Most of the file hosting sites do not offer this feature and more over the uploading and downloading experience is painful and time consuming with many of those free file hosting sites.

The process is not complicated at all. The homepage itself has upload as well as download options. All you need to do is go to the homepage and click on the link for uploading your files and you are all set to upload or share your files with anyone. You can also upload and store your personal files on this site and at the same time keep them private with the use some very simple privacy settings. There are not many ads on this site so there are no distractions. It is very easy to navigate as well. The URLs provided in this site are neat, simple, and easy to remember. Due to this, has become one of the best sites for file hosting. If you are not happy with the free file hosting sites that you are using, should try that offers you premium services for a very reasonable fee.

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